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Dr Nagesh


Written and directed by  Vincent Detours & Dominique Henry

Dominique Henry

Vincent Detours

Luc Plantier assisted by Aurélie Nolf

Sound editing
Arnould Chapel "Hill"

Paul Delvoie

Arif Panjwani, Rajshekar Nair, Aarti Sharda, Veena Savant, Catherine Montondo

Executive producer
Lubomir Guéorguiev, Good & Bad News

Associate producers
CBA, Centre de l’Audiovisuel à Bruxelles, GSARA

With the support of SCAM (Bourse Brouillon d’un Rêve)


Other titles
En Doktor för de Fattiga; Doktor Nageš; 纳格什医生.


2004, 52 min, 16/9, color, Digital BetaCam. Hindi, Maharati, English. Versions subtitled in Chinese, English or French are available. Distribution: CBA.

Dr. Nagesh gives daily, free, consultations in Mumbai (Bombay). He takes care of HIV positive patients who cannot afford anti-HIV treatments. These men, women and children face the disease as well as their rejection from society. Dr. Nagesh helps them take stock of their financial, emotional and family situation. In the privacy of his office, masks fall, revealing each person's contradictions, lies and deep feelings.

TV broadcasts
TV5 (6000 cable networks, 18 satellites, 165 countries covered), VPRO (air, Holland), YLE (cable, Finland), TSI (Switzerland).

Awards –
SCAM award for best Belgian documentary, Filmer à Tout Prix film festival, Brussels; award for best viewpoint on health and society, Traces de Vies film festival (France); special mention, Punto de Vista (Spain); special mention and young jury award, Festival du Film Scientifique d'Oullins (France).

Other official selections: Film Francophone de Namur (Belgium); Festival Cinema d’ATTAC (Belgium); Infinity (Italy), États Généraux du Film Documentaire, Lussas (France); Mediawave (Hungary); Montreal Film Festival; One World (Czech Rep.); Henry Storck Award (Belgium).


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