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In their hands

Directed  by
Vincent Detours & Dominique Henry

Dominique Henry

Marc Von Stürler & Vincent Detours

Luc Plantier

Sound edit
Pascale Schaer

Sound mixing
Philippe Charbonnel

Color balance
Mike Joris

Turat Bektenov

Nathalie Pimpurniaux, Catherine Montondo, Dominique Henry, Philippe Cotte

Catherine Montondo, Deniz Koyuncu, Hamdam Saray, Jaseska Sijerčić, Osman Arnautović, Vuthy Van

Julien Sigalas


BABEL Subtitling

Executive Producer
Denis Delcampe, Need Productions

Production assistants
Li Wei (PCT Cinéma-Télévision), Delphine Schmit (Perspective Films) Dyvia Moulan, Kim Vanvolsom, Caroline Chisogne (Need Productions); Isaline Laloire, Arlette Claeys (RTBF

Isabelle Mathy, Perspective Films; Pierre-André Thiébaud, PCT Cinéma-Télévision

Associate producers
Arte, RTBF, TSR, WIP, Serenpidity Films, Canvas 

With the support of
Office Fédéral de la Culture Suisse, the European Union  MEDIA program,  PROCIREP-société des producteurs, de l’ANGOA, de la bourse Brouillon d'un rêve - SCAM, du Centre du Cinéma et de l’Audiovisuel de la Communauté Française de Belgique des télédistibuteurs wallons et de la Loterie Nationale

Archive footage
Footage from Kaing Guek Eav's trail, a.k.a. Duch, were obtained from the Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia

Irtijal par Moufadhel Adhoum; Mâsar par Samir Joubran, Wissam Joubran et Adnan Joubran

Moa Distribution (Switzerland), Doc & Film (international)

Other titles
Sous la main de l'autre


2011, 89 min, 16/9, color, HDcam. Arab, French, Khmer and Serbo-Croatian. Subtitled versions in Dutch, English, French and German. Sales: Moa distribution (Switzerland), Doc & Film (international)

In Their Hands follows the psychotherapies of people, whose lives are all but broken by acts of extreme violence. As they slowly regain the confidence to speak, they are brought to face their unthinkable because inhumane past. To curb the pain, to stay clear from insanity and protect their loved ones from the rage that lies deep within, to be understood, and to be recognised are the goals they pursue. In the process, the torturer resurfaces, only this time his true nature is revealed. Just another human being who has been methodically shaped into a persecutor by a deliberately destructive political system.  In many ways, these therapies are a political therapy for us all.

Order your DVD on Arcadia (Subtitles in English, German, Dutch and Italian).

TV broadcasts
Arte (France), CANVAS (Belgium), RTBF-la première (Belgium), TSR (Switzerland).

Festivals –
Jury award at the Festival du Printemps des Arts en Résistance (France), nomination at the Magrittes du cinéma (Belgium) in the best documentary section,
Festival du Film et Forum International sur les Droits Humains (Switzerland), Filmer à Tout Prix (Belgium), Images et Santé (Belgium), A nous de voir (France).

Documents –

pdf Directors' note

pdf Directors' interview

pdf Film poster by Olivier Gaudry

- Alternative site for this film

- In their hands has been inspired by the book Bourreaux et Victimes by Françoise Sironi.
- Françoise Sironi was head of the centre d'ethnopsychiatrie Georges Devereux, and is co-founder of the Association Primo Lévi.

- The film was shot in Lausanne, Switzerland, at the Appartenances center, at Dr Mona Cserveny practice and Dr Jean-Claude Métraux practice. Appartenances is part of Support for Torture Victims, a consortium of four Swiss centers providing psychological support to torture and war victims.
- The International Council for the Reabilitation of Torture Victims lists organisation providing psychological assistance to torture victims.

- The film includes footage fromthe trail of Duch, the former head of Khmer rouge concentration camp S21 in CambodgeDuch was trailed by the Extraordinary Chamber in the Courts of Cambodia.
- Transcripts from the Khmer rouge leaders and many other documents are available from the Cambodia Trail Monitor. Duch's trail is summarized in the TV show Duch on Trail.

- The psychologal assessment of Duch for the Court are in the trails proceedings of August 31st 2009 and September 1st 2009. Video recordings are available: part 1, part 2.

- The film features torture victims from Bosnia-Herzegovinia, Camerun, Ivoiry Coast, Iraqui Kurdistan, Lybia, Togo, Serbia and Uganda (DVD ematerial). The Serbian family was abused by the mob, also a power structure resting on violence. Learn more on Human Rigths in these countries from Human Rights Watch et Amnesty International.

- All patients in the film are asylm seekers. In the past, several of them have been sent back in their home countries and tortured again. Obtaining asylum is becoming tougher all over Europe. Visit Human Rights Watch Asylum seeker page.

- The World Organisation Against Torure as put an online campain for the absolute prohibition of torture, i.e. against the legalization of torture.

- Vincent Detours & Dominique Henry also directed Cuando empieza la noche (Quand commence la nuit), a radio documentary on torture during Fujimori regime in Peru.